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7 Maj 2021




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CEF 21 orë më parë
You are the brother of Bo Burnham?
From Dust To A Lifeform
From Dust To A Lifeform 3 ditë më parë
I bet youtube demonetized this video just because of 18:45 to 18:48
SlavicUnionGaming 3 ditë më parë
The fact that Sweden in reality actually just traded shit with both sides and aloud them to kill each other! Sweden is nothing but a bystander! They never gave a shit about people!
4WARN gaming
4WARN gaming 4 ditë më parë
“You can change history” I want to play now
Maduwin Steam
Maduwin Steam 5 ditë më parë
Me and the Bois capping a point in russian invasion map with my kar98ks Me:suddenly see russian boi with a ppd 71 round mag enter the capping point Me:chuckles,we are in danger
Mr. Someone
Mr. Someone 6 ditë më parë
Battlefield 1 is selling for 10 euros on Steam. Go check that out instead, its a much better game trust me.
Scottish Lad
Scottish Lad 6 ditë më parë
It really isn't.
TheAdvertisement 6 ditë më parë
16:27 This is Half-life Alex all over again.
TheAdvertisement 6 ditë më parë
10:05 Guy: Kamikazes with plane. Felix: I thought this was Russia not Japan!
Георгий Бутко
Георгий Бутко 6 ditë më parë
Why you don't want play russians?!
fllaass choklad
fllaass choklad 6 ditë më parë
More enlisted
Arif Muzaki
Arif Muzaki 6 ditë më parë
It's nice to see Pewds back to having fun shooting people again.
StevloYT 8 ditë më parë
The best youtuber
Thijs_sen 8 ditë më parë
Flanking is a classic swedish move? Caroleans disagree
Madison Sunflower
Madison Sunflower 9 ditë më parë
✍️ salad ✍️ ass ✍️ fan ✍️
NodeCore 9 ditë më parë
American soldiers: The coast is clear, I think we can keep moving Meanwhile Vietnamese in the bushes: 3:48
Arman Tosun
Arman Tosun 9 ditë më parë
Carlos likes his rifles
I love him when say bitch👽💜😂
Darío 11 ditë më parë
Zero Rykos
Zero Rykos 11 ditë më parë
Lmao, Demonetised just killed so many people.. Like how it killed ALdesk channels
Muhammad Tegar Ramdhani
Muhammad Tegar Ramdhani 12 ditë më parë
15:10 felix: no please i'm Swedish Also Felix: BLYAAAATT!!!!
abhinav with facts
abhinav with facts 12 ditë më parë
Can I use a your video
abhinav with facts
abhinav with facts 12 ditë më parë
Can I use a video
Родион Черненко
Где русские аааа???
джантил 8 ditë më parë
Вот я
ak1_hard 13 ditë më parë
TheRebelLion96 15 ditë më parë
I left the channel around 2017. I haven't seen Pewdiepie playing games for so long!
Food2 People
Food2 People 16 ditë më parë
*New ALdeskr please support gooys 😭*
John Paul Ley
John Paul Ley 17 ditë më parë
Literally just played the last tiger mision in battlefield v
wow 18 ditë më parë
Xerxes Agravante
Xerxes Agravante 18 ditë më parë
didnt know he was this good at these types of games, deym son.
B'ars NI
B'ars NI 18 ditë më parë
You can change history. Don't do that.
Soham 19 ditë më parë
Wars are futile and evil - Ernest Miller Hemingway
GameCrawler 19 ditë më parë
This game looks like absolute trash. A poor man's battlefield. Felix would have never played this if he didn't get paid for doing so.
Go PewDiePie For Take Best Video Minecraft Game Back 👊👊👊
PricedIsland160 20 ditë më parë
his pcs fps running this game is dogshit lol
Felix Kjellberg
Felix Kjellberg 20 ditë më parë
Subscribe ❤️❤️❤️
Felix Kjellberg
Felix Kjellberg 20 ditë më parë
Subscribe ❤️❤️❤️
VITIOK CHANNEL1337 21 ditë më parë
Holy shit I just thought he is in Wermacht uniform
Nande Shou
Nande Shou 22 ditë më parë
old man's still got his moves.
IGame4FUN :D
IGame4FUN :D 22 ditë më parë
artificially boosting k/d ratio by adding controllable bots doesn't make it more enjoyable, don't get fooled by this AD
IGame4FUN :D
IGame4FUN :D 22 ditë më parë
And he never realized he was shooting bots...
Collin Tong
Collin Tong 22 ditë më parë
"Confirm the kill" War crimes
brianna fagan
brianna fagan 22 ditë më parë
imagine being in war and someone next to u starts saying “evryone chill everyone chill”
Joshua Troi
Joshua Troi 23 ditë më parë
IGRETRO 23 ditë më parë
I know it's sponsored, but I prefer to watch Pewds playing video games over plain reaction content
stokeus87 23 ditë më parë
Still enjoy watching pewds
The Isaksen Legend
The Isaksen Legend 23 ditë më parë
Pewds should play warzone with jack
Lonely Teries
Lonely Teries 25 ditë më parë
mr._mega_ 25 ditë më parë
Кто русский?
Shinobi Gambit
Shinobi Gambit 25 ditë më parë
I've heard people say Swedes were bad at war and such.. seeing this, I dont think they were telling the truth now
Alex 25 ditë më parë
7:05 Pewds shoots infantry with AP instead of HE Also pewds: IDIOT! xD
fahad alalawi
fahad alalawi 26 ditë më parë
save palestine spread awareness
Hooud Jawad
Hooud Jawad 26 ditë më parë
"War is great" - Pewdiepie 2021
BrickBoys studio
BrickBoys studio 26 ditë më parë
is it just me or is the gameplay bit laggy
lucas Jose
lucas Jose 23 ditë më parë
Just u mate
Ryan Mcmullen
Ryan Mcmullen 26 ditë më parë
Faze Pewdiepie
Ajova: Memes collector
Ajova: Memes collector 27 ditë më parë
Hey Pewds! Can you bring back the YLYL skrattar du förlorar du? I miss those sick intros like smile, sweet, sister, sadistic surprise, service, skrattar du förlorar du maneeeeen *Russian song bass mix* Please Pewds!!
colly407 27 ditë më parë
You cant play it kne xbone?
Emma Boyce
Emma Boyce 27 ditë më parë
This game actually looks fun asf
Brooke Tate
Brooke Tate 27 ditë më parë
“the weak has fear the strong we must move on” sun tzu
Parker C.
Parker C. 27 ditë më parë
It's all good until you use AP shells against infantry...
MusicLover 27 ditë më parë
Me within my first 52 seconds of war
Help ME Reach 3k With 0 Videos
TheLockeRoom 27 ditë më parë
i just did the math kinda pewdiepies gfuel is 36 dollars and if you use his code for 30 percent of that is 10 dollars and 8 cents and if you are in the usa in one of these statesArizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island that would add 80 cents so pewdiepies gfuel if you use his code would be 10 dollars and 88 cents i hope that helped i did not do the math i looked up most of it
Sanne G
Sanne G 28 ditë më parë
More please.
ScotIsz 28 ditë më parë
Brilliant game deserves the hype :D
Jessie Villa
Jessie Villa 29 ditë më parë
Would watch more of this, so fun how Pewds is almost canceling himself
alex thor
alex thor 29 ditë më parë
Same creators that made Cuisine Royale? Looks the same but with refined character models and graphics
Vulcan2898 29 ditë më parë
Playing a ww2 game Pewdiepie “classic Swedish tactic” Sweden in ww2 neutral
C0VlD-420 ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
@RED who asked?
Mary Davis
Mary Davis 15 ditë më parë
RED 19 ditë më parë
Kactes I see, but please don’t bring up the not being American excuse, i myself am Mexican
Kactes 19 ditë më parë
@RED I didn’t mean that he made a spelling mistake. I was pointing out that Sweden was not really neutral in WW2. Also I am from Sweden so my english is not very good.
build22 20 ditë më parë
@Kactes trains
Luke Martindale
Luke Martindale 29 ditë më parë
The entire battlefield when Pewds tells them to chill: 🧍‍♂️
I just wanna see how long I can stretch this nameTM
I remember watching this already 🤔🤔🤔
Razvan Popescu
Razvan Popescu Muaj më parë
this is cod 2 with refresh graphics. it was a very good game, now it came back.
Nam Vo
Nam Vo Muaj më parë
Great now play rising storm 2 please
scrappydoofan Muaj më parë
I like the gameplay in the beginning
Cohnam1911 Muaj më parë
14:13 🍉😎
Andre Bezaliel
Andre Bezaliel Muaj më parë
"WAR IS GREAT" Pewdiepie
Pavel Kataranchuk
Pavel Kataranchuk Muaj më parë
Engineer Gaming Remade
Engineer Gaming Remade Muaj më parë
Engineer gaming
MinatoAce Muaj më parë
War.. War Never Changes
MinatoAce Muaj më parë
" people say war is bad, but I mean...shh " - Sun Tzu (nope) War drives technological advancements :3
Gurrut Vurstug
Gurrut Vurstug Muaj më parë
This makes me think of Battlefied 1942, that game was great
MinatoAce Muaj më parë
Let's goooo Gamer... massive frags. GGs
Greg G.
Greg G. Muaj më parë
Jerry Cooooooooooobb!!!
StodOne Muaj më parë
The way he pronounces Goebbels
Perfect Man
Perfect Man Muaj më parë
Pewds should play BF series and see how chaotic is that game
Appy M8
Appy M8 Muaj më parë
my grammas glasses have more definition that this mans pc
Appy M8
Appy M8 Muaj më parë
still love me tho
The Tryhard games
The Tryhard games Muaj më parë
🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕take this PewDiePie u raisist
LOL Muaj më parë
Jerry is the best
typical person
typical person Muaj më parë
Ah yes, War Thunder but its a milsim
Alf Blue
Alf Blue Muaj më parë
moiiimerde _
moiiimerde _ Muaj më parë
*kill bill siren ensues*
Baskara Muaj më parë
9:55 POV your an american soldier fighting japan in WW2 pacific front
camerontree Muaj më parë
I was boutta say o god o no byt hes just playing heroes and generals
Samuel Hanman
Samuel Hanman Muaj më parë
Can't wait for the sequel/prequel Conscripted
GD Magic Gaming
GD Magic Gaming Muaj më parë
I thought he entered the military and instaclicked lol
sam fox
sam fox Muaj më parë
Good thing there are no long bridges in this game...
Seneca2.0 Muaj më parë
4K 32D
DG Stwaakk
DG Stwaakk Muaj më parë
I am happy that he is having fun playing new games
Maranatha 1
Maranatha 1 Muaj më parë
Pewds Cod videos 2021?
Enfield Plays
Enfield Plays Muaj më parë
I just got this game and it is so fun like as fun a cod if not better.
Travis M
Travis M Muaj më parë
War never changes
Nathan Bylsma
Nathan Bylsma Muaj më parë
I want to play this game so bad but i cant afford anything that can run it.
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