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What the new UFO Pentagon Footage Tells us.. 

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3 Qer 2021




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Mo Ali
Mo Ali 42 minuta më parë
It's actually a piece of dirt on the camera lens
Karly Robinson
Karly Robinson Orë më parë
Don’t take this the wrong way but I didn’t not expect such logic to come from this man. 🤯
Maria Martens
Maria Martens Orë më parë
The technical term for "UFO" are airplanes or bad photo editing software.
chico치코 Orë më parë
spi wolf
spi wolf 2 orë më parë
Giant bee disappears under water Felix: Water Bee! He was like a father to me.
Ramil D
Ramil D 2 orë më parë
please react to how deep the sea really is
Ramil D
Ramil D 2 orë më parë
10:34 it's the reflection of the sun
Celwy 2 orë më parë
i understood this better than anything in school............
Gian 2 orë më parë
People forgets that ufo stands for unidentified flying object. It doesnt mean that its aliens. 🤣
HARSHMALLOW 4 orë më parë
Holiday or abducted…. That’s the REAL question.
uncontrollable underwear
uncontrollable underwear 4 orë më parë
Petition for felix to teach entire sience class purely with his hands as examples
Diwakar Koirala
Diwakar Koirala 5 orë më parë
Nothing is more cool than Pewds explaining physics.
Danny Fremin
Danny Fremin 5 orë më parë
10:56 anyone else catch that?
Saba Alsayyed
Saba Alsayyed 5 orë më parë
2:04 my first thought was its a big pizza idk why
Elias Alessah
Elias Alessah 5 orë më parë
He’s so smart
spicy 6 orë më parë
in short, while moving your perspective changes.
frost bite
frost bite 6 orë më parë
pewds just went big brain
Pooja Bhatyal
Pooja Bhatyal 7 orë më parë
Who is Felix
Christian Lapidez
Christian Lapidez 7 orë më parë
Big brain time
luke's dinging games
luke's dinging games 8 orë më parë
kind of want more of this
Sany Suny
Sany Suny 8 orë më parë
Is that footage from WW1? finally leaked
Thomas Clark-Phelps
Thomas Clark-Phelps 9 orë më parë
I know Pewds is quite smart, but I was expecting him to put on his frequent dumb facade, watching the clips and making silly comments. I was happily surprised and impressed he discussed the basic concepts causing the clips and debunked them, because I see so many people believing these clips are real, and I think it is because not enough people are covering it. Pewds definitely wasn’t at the top of my list for who I thought would explain it but I’ll take it!
Hudd TheBudd
Hudd TheBudd 9 orë më parë
Imagine getting stung by that bee 😳
Mohammad Salahuddin
Mohammad Salahuddin 9 orë më parë
Felix explains better than my physics teacher ngl
Attraction Spot
Attraction Spot 9 orë më parë
You mentioned that the first clip it looks like it was a heat source which heat is energy from a solid material, liquid, or gas. But we don't know what it exactly is reguardless of it being just heat source or if it was a solid object we still don't know exactly what it is which is unidentified and its flying object reguardless so yes it is a UFO. Also even if there is other life forms in this universe people that say they don't belive in aliens is wrong. Because any person or living thing not from earth would be a alien. Just like if you cross the boarder illegally you are an Illegal Alien lol.
Joshua McNicoll
Joshua McNicoll 11 orë më parë
Everybody gangster till the Atlanteans start testing there hydroguns for the Americans to see ;)
Ace 11 orë më parë
We need HD UFO videos! Don't worry government, we can handle it.
tooldog212 11 orë më parë
Felix had some bowls before these
tooldog212 11 orë më parë
Not the cereal type
Veronica Troutner
Veronica Troutner 12 orë më parë
When the U.S. Navy‘s camera footage is worse than my Samsung phone
Mopsspoof 13 orë më parë
Imagine the destroyer ship shot at the supposed ufo, we would've discovered more by shooting it lol.
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle 13 orë më parë
It’s mathematically impossible for aliens to not be out there somewhere though it’s unlikely they’ve ever been anywhere near us
Yo mama has
Yo mama has 14 orë më parë
This is the reason I always fall asleep during science subject
Siena Theivagt
Siena Theivagt 15 orë më parë
wow. i didnt expect to learn so much from this video. i am very impressed
TX TACTICS 15 orë më parë
I want to build a 10ft drone disc and fly it over the freeway
smooth collision
smooth collision 15 orë më parë
Russia also gets UFO footage
BushiBato 16 orë më parë
You know this is making waves when it has made it to wide audience or "mainstream ALdesk" channels with the influence and capacity to disseminate information inherent therein.Thanks for this!
Winston Ogden
Winston Ogden 16 orë më parë
True though
Verdin 16 orë më parë
Pewds big brain
Konstantin Konstantinov
Konstantin Konstantinov 18 orë më parë
Pewds was paid by the aliens to hide them from us
Joe Colon
Joe Colon 18 orë më parë
Smart Pewdiepie: I have proved the government wrong in 1 million ways
Jeff Morris
Jeff Morris 18 orë më parë
Whoa. PewDiePie nails them on the triangular shutter thing. Didn't expect that. Props!
Damir Shavkatov
Damir Shavkatov 19 orë më parë
Pew acts like he knows everything 🤦‍♂️
switchieritchie 22 orë më parë
3.6k aliens disliked this video
CEF 22 orë më parë
You are the brother of Bo Burnham?
Darko Marković
Darko Marković 22 orë më parë
Felix into 3 mins into the video :expailns camera movement Evrybody: w h e r e f u n n i
Thijs van Gisbergen
Thijs van Gisbergen 22 orë më parë
If less is more, then how are you keeping score?
iOS Gamer
iOS Gamer 22 orë më parë
Watch the LEMMiNO video!!!!!!!!
BabyPlutoV2 23 orë më parë
Zack L Brown
Zack L Brown Ditë më parë
I believe in aliens cause it’s even weird how us humans exist but those footages have to be fake 😎🙌🏻
Griffin Reed
Griffin Reed Ditë më parë
Hey Felix. To explain why the camera moves the USN aircraft cameras are designed to move with a target. Meaning if the object moves, the camera moves.
Vipin goswami ✔️
Vipin goswami ✔️ Ditë më parë
12 june 2021
Chocolate Pie1819
Chocolate Pie1819 Ditë më parë
Cod players: "mm mm mm no no no, that's called a uav"
Agnes Karlstrom
Agnes Karlstrom Ditë më parë
He’s hired by the government
Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark Ditë më parë
You think the government would stage alien attacks and kill off citizen for population control? The earth is dying, this is why Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are colonizing mars.
MIDHA MARIYAM Ditë më parë
Pewdipie: hey I am back every one Pewdipie haters : hàa not this jerk again
macZBZ Ditë më parë
problably a lighthouse smh
someone yt
someone yt Ditë më parë
Anyone *sees a UFO * Also them: come let's flim with a potato *
CapDab? Ditë më parë
DePpuNjab iii
DePpuNjab iii Ditë më parë
Felix is Einstein
bir dreenker
bir dreenker Ditë më parë
from least to most likely: 10. Aliens ... 2. If the way it moves is true and pilots aren't lying, some country broke ground in anti-gravity/super conductors research and development. 1. USA spent a lot of money on military, researching stuff like anti-gravity and they came to conclusion it was money down the sewer. Now they're trying to possibly scare Chine and Russia, appearing like they succeeded, making them waste money trying to catch up. At the same time increasing budget for this stuff, which God knows where they'll really spend.
Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij
I saw 16 Spaceships/UFO I was 12 No I'm not. I'm serious. My Ex was there :^)
Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij
I thot she was a B*och
Dogecoin Connoisseur
Dogecoin Connoisseur Ditë më parë
So if its all fake, how do you explain mark zuckerberg? Checkmate
Aidan Jeff
Aidan Jeff Ditë më parë
Big brain pews
Jędrek Janik
Jędrek Janik Ditë më parë
Hi pewdiepie Felix here...
Relate FN
Relate FN Ditë më parë
Aliens? are those the guys from fortnite?
Lenny Ditë më parë
ok gamers, we're going to use an increased level of brain power
Austin Mott
Austin Mott Ditë më parë
its the elusive king bee
Johnpaul Mayes
Johnpaul Mayes Ditë më parë
Pentagon: its UFO People: its UFO Pweds: its a BIRD,its a HEAT,its a giant bee
Samatha Jangam
Samatha Jangam Ditë më parë
You can becomes science teacher
Peacock Ditë më parë
Day 3 of asking PewDiePie to make me a bitch lasagna
Juan-Pierre Giezen
Juan-Pierre Giezen Ditë më parë
Also, ever heard of a particle gun?, I plan to take one from their ancestors vault
Juan-Pierre Giezen
Juan-Pierre Giezen Ditë më parë
The aliens are more than what you realize, but I'm glad they are finally here, means the wars are about to begin, and it means I can kill my enemies
22 victim
22 victim Ditë më parë
Ayo dis cool you out smart them
Celestial Cressy
Celestial Cressy Ditë më parë
aaaaa more of this pewdsss
Isaí Fonseca
Isaí Fonseca Ditë më parë
It’s really awesome the fact that I’m so used to Pewds content and personality being silly that it takes me by surprise when out of the blue he starts to explain things at a pro level and bitch slap people with his big brain. And I love it.
OceanTD Ditë më parë
Aliens real
PARATHA Ditë më parë
Pewdiepie please can you buy me a camera😭
protoclast Ditë më parë
Thanks for doing this!
LiveLoveBurnDie Ditë më parë
Jeremy Corbell may actually be more annoying than Snitch9ine
K G Ditë më parë
I think aliens/other life forms exist...but thats definitely not a ufo
FalloutMWHenry76 Ditë më parë
FalloutMWHenry76 Ditë më parë
It’s a government destruction so we focus less on the bad governing.
Tyler Rockefeller
Tyler Rockefeller Ditë më parë
Thank you....from the Pentagon 😎 Btw, it's a flying Dorito Just like an ant working all day and night on a ant hill. Doesn't realize the world and life beyond his small world..... the ant hill.
ashlyn nicole
ashlyn nicole Ditë më parë
I think pewds is the next Albert Einstein
Joseph Aguirre
Joseph Aguirre Ditë më parë
Please like this comment till it hits 500 likes 👍.
moaaiz chaudhry
moaaiz chaudhry Ditë më parë
It’s a navy aircraft it’s meant to be like that
Seb Ditë më parë
Pewdiepie talking about this: here's the scientific explanation for all of this Joe Rogan talking about this: "DUDE deep-sea aliens are sending probes to monitor us!"
pencil case
pencil case Ditë më parë
Just so it will be clear. It's a known fact that there are life on other planets, but what we are searching for is an intelligent life form from other planets, which will probably never happen, since humans are very strange animals.
David Bonde
David Bonde Ditë më parë
Why is pewds actually so big brain?
Grim Hammer
Grim Hammer Ditë më parë
My dude explains simple things these pilots already ruled out. Come on.
hi im kit kat man and i love u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nah no aliens here
Hassan Khamis
Hassan Khamis Ditë më parë
If aliens are creatures that live in space then we are aliens big bruh
Nəbula Ditë më parë
If dark is heat then why is the cold ocean dark too?
Mark Poole
Mark Poole Ditë më parë
Nice work pewds the voice of reason.
Taylor Francis
Taylor Francis Ditë më parë
guys there's no alien's pewds said so
Late Night Thinker
Late Night Thinker Ditë më parë
Lmaoo, this what they been doin since Trump left?
Jaime Barrera
Jaime Barrera Ditë më parë
Pewds has controversial opinions but just like our opinions, its just as irrelevant. Dope vid pewds. Like hearing your thoughts on things like this.
Caio Rafael
Caio Rafael Ditë më parë
Guys, I don't know what are you passing today, but I know a thing that Jesus knows your problems and he has a plan for your life . He allowed you to see this commentary
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