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Tik Tok But Please Make it Stop 

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14 Maj 2021




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Komente 0   
Farwa Cheema
Farwa Cheema 15 orë më parë
Lady in pink has my heart🥺
CEF 21 orë më parë
You are the brother of Bo Burnham?
Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij
F O R T H E 3 4 I P A D S
matox01tekk Ditë më parë
bro im reading outside on my phone why tf would i carry massive book with me ?
Megan Renee
Megan Renee Ditë më parë
I had a really nice comfy hammock that I used to read in all the time and the neighbor kids used to make fun of me so I stopped, and now I'm pale
Kaden Mcleod
Kaden Mcleod Ditë më parë
just to be a translator, the guy who got his skate board back was saying thank you so much
scull mare
scull mare 2 ditë më parë
and people ask why is tiktok banned in india.........
Superbob Tendo
Superbob Tendo 2 ditë më parë
Pewds.. im pretty sure those animals the pelican was chewin ass on were Capybaras ... i think lol
🄱ᗩ🅚ᴀ 2 ditë më parë
Felix: they got snapped Me:no, *amongus*
Hatake Zoe
Hatake Zoe 2 ditë më parë
I love tiktok so cringe its beautiful - pewdiepie He's so relatablee lmaoo Definitely the true definition of tiktok "So cringe its beautiful"
Hatake Zoe
Hatake Zoe 2 ditë më parë
Wow IfFoneee
Kabir Khan
Kabir Khan 3 ditë më parë
Your the worst 😭😭😭😭
Atomicflounder42 3 ditë më parë
2:54 I don't mean to be that guy, but isn't pewds a grown man making videos on a "kids" app?
Estudos Interdisciplinares I
No no
Keara 3 ditë më parë
the iphone wow iphone skit is truly a testament of this generation and whoever bullied the pink grandma deserves to be sent to Nevada, Madness Combat style.
Soup Time Now time
Soup Time Now time 3 ditë më parë
What kind of person bullies a wonderful woman like that.
Ivey Calaway
Ivey Calaway 4 ditë më parë
I came here from Taylor R vlog
Wööjii Jööwii
Wööjii Jööwii 3 ditë më parë
yeeee same
Yahya Alabed
Yahya Alabed 5 ditë më parë
مين مو فاهم شي
A.C.E's Park Junhee wrecked me hard
I just came here cause Taylor said you roasted her in your video andso I wanted to see the full thing to know how much you roasted her
Wööjii Jööwii
Wööjii Jööwii 3 ditë më parë
Ray InDaHay
Ray InDaHay 5 ditë më parë
4:50 if you’re here because of Taylor R
Wööjii Jööwii
Wööjii Jööwii 3 ditë më parë
thank you aha
Ray InDaHay
Ray InDaHay 4 ditë më parë
Honestly I’m tickled at the fan crossover-
pls stop im fragile
pls stop im fragile 4 ditë më parë
hahaha thank you! 💖💖
Lirin 4 ditë më parë
yasmin 5 ditë më parë
Aygul Yu
Aygul Yu 6 ditë më parë
Chloe Ng
Chloe Ng 6 ditë më parë
who's here after watching Taylor R's new vid lmao
Shashank Shetty
Shashank Shetty 6 ditë më parë
"Christian Ronaldo" yes
Exploding Dust Rags
Exploding Dust Rags 6 ditë më parë
2:35 someone gets all the ladies
Justa_randomgamer 6 ditë më parë
iphone wow iphone
Rasss 87
Rasss 87 6 ditë më parë
Elle Rasmussen
Elle Rasmussen 7 ditë më parë
12:04 wdym young?
Lupu Lupu
Lupu Lupu 7 ditë më parë
Wow he can play f chords guitar on that thumb thing what if he play piano 🤔
Zero Joker
Zero Joker 7 ditë më parë
3:02 I didn’t know, I looked and he’s right
Muammet Karacan
Muammet Karacan 8 ditë më parë
Türkler bastikkko
SCP 173
SCP 173 8 ditë më parë
Bro army against pink lady's bullies!
SCP 173
SCP 173 8 ditë më parë
I believe in witchcraft now
Tara Jelenic
Tara Jelenic 8 ditë më parë
5:34 whang :DDD
ADrino CoDm
ADrino CoDm 9 ditë më parë
from binod to iphone
Loose Knaught
Loose Knaught 9 ditë më parë
Wait that's not the guy
Loose Knaught
Loose Knaught 9 ditë më parë
It's thatcher joe
Loose Knaught
Loose Knaught 9 ditë më parë
I was watching that when it came out and Joey suggs
Loose Knaught
Loose Knaught 9 ditë më parë
Poor car
Loose Knaught
Loose Knaught 9 ditë më parë
That is my favorite old woman
Loose Knaught
Loose Knaught 9 ditë më parë
Eloquent. Very. Ty pudypoo
Palps 9 ditë më parë
I hate tik tok
G31M1 9 ditë më parë
random elderly british lady wearing pink clothes: *exists* 19-year olds: _Begun the Clone Wars have!_
phill schneider
phill schneider 9 ditë më parë
No la podes molestar a la señora de rosa!!q forros q son los q la tratan mal!!lo q no es tener una vida!!!
peter khamneian
peter khamneian 9 ditë më parë
WHO BULLIES A O L D WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
handsome devil
handsome devil 9 ditë më parë
GAMER Malik 9 ditë më parë
110 M 😮
debayan mohani
debayan mohani 9 ditë më parë
Hi bro I am big fan bro . Love from india. You are awesome.
YT[포마] 10 ditë më parë
Please make Korean subtitles again....!!
shannon clark
shannon clark 10 ditë më parë
0:56 cotton eye joe
Gaming with Sudhanshu
Gaming with Sudhanshu 10 ditë më parë
Gandu hindi janta hai
Spencer 10 ditë më parë
Alicia White
Alicia White 10 ditë më parë
I never dl tiktok or use it ever. I just watch cringe and roast videos. Perf 💪🏼
iL Raid
iL Raid 10 ditë më parë
no need for a taxi, that thumb can make stop to a plane
Clarxedo 11 ditë më parë
XTREME BLAZE 11 ditë më parë
I’ve played siege w the thumb guy
Doctor Pit bull
Doctor Pit bull 11 ditë më parë
This vids are garbage,search the salvation ppl
Jack Dickinson
Jack Dickinson 11 ditë më parë
I don't think he understood the wake up call joke
jay travers
jay travers 12 ditë më parë
6:33 hol up... so your admitting that you've tried to put in the wrong one? You some kinda dummy?
tobuslieven 12 ditë më parë
CIATube: If we send 999,999 robo viewers, he will leave the culture war. Lol.
GesTaPO 777
GesTaPO 777 12 ditë më parë
2:43 I like how pewds didnt get that joke but he makes that guys joke in a difrent joke
TruTThople 12 ditë më parë
Where did it come from? Where did it go? Sumthin sumthin sumthin cotton eyed Joe.
Fran 13 ditë më parë
its hillarious when people dont know capivaras, there is one literally looking at me from across the street. i love brazil.
Undercover Youtuber
Undercover Youtuber 13 ditë më parë
That granny made me cry
Amra 13 ditë më parë
justin reilly
justin reilly 13 ditë më parë
Have the lady in pink host meme review!
Blake Bergman
Blake Bergman 13 ditë më parë
Alexander McAdam
Alexander McAdam 12 ditë më parë
Wow iPhone
Kai Sherriff
Kai Sherriff 13 ditë më parë
POV: you just started the vid and your exited for the woman in pink
Victor Plascencia
Victor Plascencia 13 ditë më parë
pewds: "its a good thing i never said the V word" but hes said the n word
Rampage 14 ditë më parë
most cars do have that feature.... the sizes of the petrol and diesel nossle are not the same.
V3sco 14 ditë më parë
I am Portuguese and it's so weird the way pewds said Cristiano Ronaldo 😂😂😂
Abdul Baasith J
Abdul Baasith J 14 ditë më parë
Boy. ALdesk is very good at placing ads. I got mine at 3:13 just after he says 'check this out'
Anku Hans
Anku Hans 15 ditë më parë
T series ko toh jante honge tum... Lol 😂
Donna Matte
Donna Matte 15 ditë më parë
The thumb should never exust
TIMOR 15 ditë më parë
I from in iraq i can speak Arabic i love you انا من العراق واحبكم ♥️♥️😘
Eclipse PROJECT 15 ditë më parë
Imagine lacking confidence and having an ego so fragile that when you see an old lady dressed as the way she loves you have to bully her That lady is the embodiment of self appreciation, she should be protected and we all should learn from her
Addam Siewdass
Addam Siewdass 15 ditë më parë
5:50 music? The vibe is lit tho i like that sive does that now
Alex Stewart
Alex Stewart 15 ditë më parë
Me: reads title Me: visible confusion Me: So... just regular tik tok then?
ZEKpsmDTR 16 ditë më parë
India ban tiktok after it
sanjay singh
sanjay singh 16 ditë më parë
Fack sub.
Артем Бровченко
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Fatma Mohammad
Fatma Mohammad 16 ditë më parë
10:54 ur complaining ? We wait for this weather , in kuwait it rains less than 20 times a year , it is the hottest country , you can literally cook on the sidewalk
Fatma Mohammad
Fatma Mohammad 16 ditë më parë
Chupacabra .. yea definitely
Compilations 16 ditë më parë
Hello everyone,who likes challenge and compilation ? 😸
Gaming Squad
Gaming Squad 16 ditë më parë
Legend- Suscribe my channel Noob- Ignore
Zach Ingles
Zach Ingles 16 ditë më parë
Guess I can't follow:(
Korbin Rene
Korbin Rene 17 ditë më parë
The ill-fated crocus genotypically chew because america coincidently change absent a alive channel. placid, safe tachometer
What 17 ditë më parë
karim 17 ditë më parë
JibeddyHibeddy 17 ditë më parë
On the petrol/diesel subject, a diesel nozzle is bigger than a petrol one. So you can’t put diesel into a petrol because it won’t fit, but you CAN put petrol into a diesel one. Now you know.
Clint Janes
Clint Janes 17 ditë më parë
Whang showing up in the vid
Symantha Dienner
Symantha Dienner 17 ditë më parë
I thought the the Mars ppl were fake.... Thanks for clarifying Felix
r_ramendump 17 ditë më parë
That dyson vid makes me sad, is likr those people that buy some expensive car and never know that it comes with certain helpful features.
Bread Man
Bread Man 17 ditë më parë
Pewds: who bullied this woman Meanwhile casually makes fun of her
spacecowgirl 17 ditë më parë
felix calling capybaras chupacabras 😭😭😭😭
Roberto Hernandez
Roberto Hernandez 17 ditë më parë
Chupacabra, XXDDDDDDD
bani bhattacharya
bani bhattacharya 17 ditë më parë
Tiktok is not good enough
elizaleela 17 ditë më parë
Whoever bullied that goddess in pink is gonna catch these damn hands. 😭
Reservoir Channel
Reservoir Channel 17 ditë më parë
idooo aro liidoo
Yang Pei
Yang Pei 17 ditë më parë
Hey PewDiePie😆 . Can u not say the f or s word for one day pls🤣🤣🤣🤣😎
زهره عباس
زهره عباس 17 ditë më parë
انا عربي
Faqja Tjeter
Kuruluş Osman 62. Bölüm
Kuruluş Osman 62. Bölüm